All About Melt and Pour Soap

Melt and pour soap is a great way to get exactly what you are looking for in your soap without having to work with lye. Melt and pour soap is already made soap that you can customize with color and scent to make it your own. There are so many different variations of melt and pour soap, we will get into more detail on that later.

All About Salts

Salts are growing in popularity, many for bath soaks and exfoliating scrubs. Salts are easy to use and have such great health benefits! In general salts can be colored with liquid soap dye, mica powder, or powdered lakes.

All About Butters

When creating soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc. from scratch; butters can be a great element to add. Butters can help to moisturize and enhance any product. There are many different types of butters, each with their properties.

All About Clays

Clay are great for use in soap, scrubs, bath fizzies and masks. Each clay has different properities that can be taken advantage of or jused just simply as colorant.

All About Colors/Micas

There are many different ways to color your body care products. The different type of colorants vary by product, although some can be used in all body care products.

All About Carrier Oils

Carrier oils can be used in cold and hot process soaps, lotions, creams, hair products, etc. Different oils have different properties and purposes so their uses can var.

All About Soap Equipment

Melt and Pour soap only requires two pieces of equipment. Whereas Cold and Hot Process soap require a few more items.

All About Soap Molds

A big decision when making soap is what mold to use. The mold type can determine the size and shape of your finished soap. Not all molds are created equal, some are single purpose and others multi-purpose.

All About Botanicals

Botanicals or herbs are perfect to add to soaps for extra dimension and properties. Herbs can be sprinkled on top og soap or added into the soap.

All About Flavor Oils

Add pizazz to your lip balms, glosses and edible massage oils with our flavorings. Flavor oils are actually fragrance oils designed to be safe for your lip balms, glosses, edible massage oils etc.