All About Flavor Oils

Add pizazz to your lip balms, glosses and edible massage oils with our flavorings. Flavor oils are actually fragrance oils designed to be safe for your lip balms, glosses, edible massage oils etc. They are oil soluable so they will mix with most lip balm bases or oils. Typical usage is at a 2% ratio in your base product.

While the flavors do smell absolutely scrumptious, most do not actually have a taste and are not sweetened. Most customers prefer not to have the oils sweetened because they want the product application to last as long as possible. For those of you who prefer a sweetened product, you can create the illusion of flavor in your products by adding an artificial sweetener (liquid aspartame or saccharin). You will taste the sweetener as you smell the fragrance and your brain thinks you are actually tasting what you smell. Cool trick! Use at a 2% ratio in your base product.

Note make sure to buy quality flavor oil from a reputable source.