All About Colors and Micas

There are many different ways to color your body care products. The different type of colorants vary by product, although some can be used in all body care products. The different colorants are described below.

Highly concentrated D&C grade (drug & cosmetic) dyes are great for any WATER BASED product, melt & pour soaps and lotion/gel bases. They are NOT to be used in Cold or Hot Process soap or any other oil based body product. These liquid dyes are highly concentrated therefore a little amount goes a long way when coloring.

Micas and pigment dyes are safe for soaps, lotions, lip balms, shower gels etc. Micas provide a more subtle shimmer and shine than cosmetic glitters. A little amount of mica or pigment can go a little way, better to start with a small amount then add more if needed.

Cosmetic glitter can be used in all personal care products. A small amount of glitter can go a long way. Also keep in mind when using glitter in some products it will stick to the skin until washed off, for example in a lotion. The biggest thing to keep in mind about glitter is to make sure it is COSMETIC grade.

Cosmetic clays are a natural clay colorant that can used in masks, scrubs, bath bombs, soaps and lotions. Unlike the other colorants it is important to look up the specific uses for a clay, they can vary by type and should not all be used the same way.

Natural colorants are all natural powders that can be used in almost any body product. They are a great alternatives to keep your products all natural. Each powder has different properities that can enhance or alter your product, so be sure to do your research.