Whipped Body Butter

Whipped body butter is light but nourishing for the skin as the winter days come to an end.

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Hot Process Soap

Hot Process Soap allows for a quicker soap curing period then cold process soap. HP soap does require your attention and is a longer making process then CP soap.

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Cold Process Soap

Cold process soap allows you to control every ingredient that goes into your soap. If your looking for an all natural soap or have allergies this is perfect for you!

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Welcome to Soap Projects!

We love everything from basic melt and pour to inventing our own recipes with different types of cold and hot process soaps. In this blog we will explore basic soap and personal care products making to more advanced projects. We will also go over different types of soaps, ingredients and new ideas to help you stay in tune with the industry. Our aim is to help you develop a diverse knowledge and love for soap making so you can try new ideas and even expand your product line. All of our projects will list ingredients used and supplies needed, as well as step by step instruction. We love getting your feedback, please feel free to email and comments on any posts. 🙂



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