All About Soap Equipment

Melt and pour soap requires little to no equipment and is a great place to soap your soap making adventure. The two main components needed for m&p soap are something to melt the soap in and a mold to pour it into. The easiest way to melt the soap base is in the microwave in a glass pyrex measuring cup. Any plastic or silicon mold will work as your mold, it’s all up to personal preference.

Cold and Hot Process soap making involves slightly more equipment. To melt the oils you will either need a crockpot, melting pot or microwavable container. If you are making hot process soap you will need a crockpot to cook the soap. Remember when working with lye and caustic soap to always wear safety glasses and gloves. A thermometer or temperature gun are also helpful to make sure your oils and lye water mixture are at proper temperature before soaping. A digital scale is very important for weighing your oils, fragrance, lye and water. A silicone spatula or spoon is also helpful when pouring your soap into the mold. The final piece of equipment you will need is a mold to pour the soap into. The “All About Soap Molds” post goes into more specific details on soap molds.