Hand Milled Soap


How to Make Hand Milled Soaps

How to Make Hand Milled Soaps
You will need:
Heat source (double boiler/stove top, microwave or crock pot)
Wooden spoon
Plastic container
Distilled Water
Fragrance or Essential Oils
Soap mold
Soap Nuggets, CP or HP BaseInstructions:
1. Grate your soap base into shredded cheese size or use soap noodles.
2. Add 1 oz. of water for every 4 oz. of shredded soap in a plastic container. Allow to sit overnight or until shreds become saturated or mashed potato consistency. Hint: use as little water as possible for a quicker dry time.
3. Heat soap to 150 or 160 in a crockpot on low, microwave at 60% power or in a double boiler on the stovetop. Hint: shredded soap noodles and water will melt easily without sitting overnight.
4. Prepare your molds by lightly greasing with petroleum jelly, Crisco etc.
5. Add botanicals, oils or any other additives desired.
6. Add up to ½ oz. of fragrance oil per lb. of soap
7. Mix well and pour into molds (be sure your soap is cool enough not to melt the molds)
8. Allow your soap to setup and place molds in the freezer for 4-6 hours.
9. Remove soap from molds and allow to air dry until hardened enough for use (1-4 weeks). Turn soap over every few days so that they do not warp while drying.